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Bonnie Anderson
“Don’t worry about your reputation. Your reputation is who other people think you are. Worry about your character because that’s what you are.” – Bonnie Anderson

It may be a cliché, but music is in Bonnie Anderson’s blood. In fact, it’s under her skin, in her cells, and in her very breath. Bonnie grew up surrounded by music, and it’s no wonder she’s is a natural performer – it runs in the family. Her mother is a singer and Bonnie spent much of her childhood around musicians and bands. Her Godfather, Lionel Rose, (the world champion boxer) was also a huge influence. Family time was often spent jamming, and from a young age, Bonnie would sing along.

Bonnie has a big personality - and in 2007, it was probably this as much as her incredible voice that captured Australia’s heart. Bonnie won first place in Australia’s Got Talent. She was only 12 years old. Offers of recording and management contracts followed, but rather than jump on the media bandwagon, Bonnie made the decision to ‘just be a kid for a while’. For a girl who has always dreamed of being a singer, it showed real strength of character. But Bonnie has always been able to focus on the ‘big picture’, and rather than 15 minutes of fame, Bonnie decided to keep pursuing her ultimate dream. And that dream? To be taken seriously as a singer-songwriter and professional musician.

Bonnie has always known that raw talent alone will not get her to the top. So, she has been working hard; composing, rehearsing, and performing. Like any artist, she has learnt her craft.

Bonnie began singing lessons at six years of age, working her way up to ‘showcase level’ under the personal mentoring of David Jaanz. “Bonnie is one of the most amazing singers I have ever coached. She continues to surprise me with her ability to create and innovate. Bonnie is one of the rare performers that can consistently produce the ‘magical performance. Her potential is incredible!” - David Jaanz

Bonnie’s musical influences are varied, but she has a particular connection with the old time genres of Jazz, R & B and Pop. Her current musical idols include Alicia Keys, Pink, Justin Timberlake, Stevie Wonder, Lady Gaga, and Bob Dylan.

Bonnie has already shared the stage with some of Australia’s greatest acts including Jimmy Barnes, Diesel, Kasey Chamber, and Gary Pinto. "I have had the pleasure of having Bonnie Anderson sing with me on numerous occasions over the last year and a half and she has blown me away each time. Noticeably, she is gaining momentum and one can only imagine where her voice will take her. The timing and depth of character she possesses in her voice goes light years beyond her time on this planet and I can only say I feel lucky to be able to experience it." - Mark Lizotte (a.k.a Diesel)

In 2009, Bonnie toured with Australian icon, Jimmy Barnes, as a backing vocalist. In addition to her vocal training, Bonnie plays both piano and guitar. She is a gifted songwriter and writes by herself and in collaboration with other musicians. So far, she has worked with songwriters: Stuart Fraser (Noiseworks), Gary Pinto, Rod Davies, Brad Pinto, Monique Dimattina, and Sharon Gonsalvez.

Bonnie’s ‘sound’ continues to develop, but her vocal style has been described as a blend of R & B, Jazz and Soul. Now aged sixteen, Melbourne-based Bonnie is ready to take on the world. Her favourite place to be is in front of an audience, and her gigs reflect it. Bonnie Anderson is a consummate professional, but there is nothing pretentious about her. What you see is what you get – apart from the enormous voice which comes as a bit of a surprise from such a little package. On stage, she is as warm and open as she is off it - and she’s not afraid to share her wicked sense of humour. Bonnie’s gigs are the perfect venues in which to showcase her impressive vocal range and captivating stage presence.

Bonnie was very excited to release her debut EP of original songs in September this year (2010). She has kept the tracks essentially ‘raw’ in order to reflect an honest sound.

Music, as ever, is the biggest part of Bonnie’s life. She doesn’t mind admitting that she’s obsessed. She’s doing what she has always wanted to do - sing! Her journey has begun and she’s on her way to living her dream.

This is Bonnie Anderson.
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